Our first book review on Amazon

Our first review was posted on Amazon today, I have re-posted it here for your enjoyment:

This review is from: Four Score and Seven (Paperback)
Four Score and Seven by Andrew Feinberg introduces the judgment and conscience of Abraham Lincoln into 2016, as Abe returns from beyond to find himself ensconced in an educated family that is motivated to help him on his quest to improve the world he finds 150 years after leaving it rather unexpectedly.Feinberg, a journalist, has a discerning eye for satire and deep, likable characters (and a few that, by design, you won’t like), drawing freely, but fairly, from history, the Bible, Shakespeare, several of Lincoln’s speeches, and his own wit and imagination.

The book reads as easily as a comedy and, while it is that, it also is much more. Not far below the surface, this skillful fusion of history, politics, religion and time travel cleverly takes on, with satire coupled with thought-provoking reality, issues that matter now, including historical and (what passes for) presidential politics in 2016, the dysfunctional American political system, climate change, religion, individual freedom and more.

Four Score and Seven will leave you laughing, but it also will leave you thinking, not just about Feinberg’s easy marriage of the past and the present, but also about the future, your future, before and when you cast your ballot in November.

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